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Installation at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 

The installation was designed for the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2018 and was displayed in the Austrian Pavilion. The purpose of the piece is to challenge the traditional concept of beauty, which is often associated solely with function. The video aims to demonstrate that form does not merely follow function but, in many cases, actually constitutes the function itself. Inspired by 'oddly satisfying videos,' the animation incorporates various materials, objects, colors, and sounds to depict the interplay between beauty and function. The ultimate goal of the installation is to engage the audience's five senses and provide a genuine physical pleasure. I was responsible for both the design of the space and the content of the video, including creating mock-ups, storyboards, selecting colors, and determining the overall look and feel of the compositions.


Creative Direction:
Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh
Design: Matteo Giuseppe Pani
Storyboard: Matteo Giuseppe Pani
Space Design: Matteo Giuseppe Pani
Type design: Daniel Brokstad,
Matteo Giuseppe Pani, Shy Inbar, 
Yu Chen, Zac Tebbal
3D Artists: Andreas Wannerstedt,
Alexa Sirbu, Ben Fearnley, Bureu Klaus Alman,
f°am Studio, Lukas Vojir, Oh Jia Hao,
Ando & Fizah, Martín Salfity
Sound Design: Antfood
Voice Over: Gwen Gwiztec