Colored Room

Color perception is the subject of The Color Room of the exhibition SAGMEISTER & WALSH: Beauty at the MAK Museum in Vienna. Coated in intense blue and pink patterns, at regular intervals this room is lit with a special light, which makes certain color hues appear grey.

The room is lit by a sodium-vapor lamp, which is the type of light often used at construction sites or as street lights. The light renders pink and blue hues almost indistinguishable from each other. The installation meant to show how colorfulness is generally considered more beautiful and makes us feel happier!


Creative/Art Direction:
Jessica Walsh
Client: Nadia Chauhan
Designers: Matteo Giuseppe Pani,
Felipe Rocha, Daniel Brokstad,
Fumi Omori, Chen Yu, Angela Iannarelli,
Gabriela Namie, Yaya Xu,
Joao Lucas, Heejae Kim
Animation Direction: Jessica Walsh,
Justin Gammon
Animators: Karan Singh, Yaya Xu,
Daniel Brokstad, Joao Lucas
3D Artists: Pablo Alfieri,
Pierre Bourjo, Joao Lucas
Retouching: Daniel Plateado,
Ekaterina Markevich