Frooti Fizz

Frooti Fizz is a sparkling mango juice in India. We redesigned two sister brands of Frooti Fizz, Frooti and Appy Fizz, and were tasked to make the new Frooti Fizz branding feel familiar but evolved to Indian consumers by merging the visual languages from these existing brands. The tagline for the brand is "Frooti go funky go fizzy go crazy," and we aimed to visualize this funky craziness through graphics and animations.

For this project  I worked on the ideation  of the visuals for the brand campaign and finally I supervised the post prodution of the images for the campaign. I also contributed creating several optical patterns.


Creative/Art Direction:
Jessica Walsh
Client: Nadia Chauhan
Designers: Matteo Giuseppe Pani,
Felipe Rocha, Daniel Brokstad,
Fumi Omori, Chen Yu, Angela Iannarelli,
Gabriela Namie, Yaya Xu,
Joao Lucas, Heejae Kim
Animation Direction: Jessica Walsh,
Justin Gammon
Animators: Karan Singh, Yaya Xu,
Daniel Brokstad, Joao Lucas
3D Artists: Pablo Alfieri,
Pierre Bourjo, Joao Lucas
Retouching: Daniel Plateado,
Ekaterina Markevich