Beauty Book

Over the course of the last century, beauty was displaced by functionality in design and architecture. As a result, something essential was lost. Beauty not only impacts the way we feel, but it also changes the way we behave. Sagmeister & Walsh show us how this shortsighted disregard of beauty can be reversed. I have personally worked on the slipcase, the book cover, the fore-edge and on the logos on cover and slipcase.


Creative direction: Stefan Sagmeister
and Jessica Walsh
Designer: Matteo Giuseppe Pani
3D Artists: David McLeod, Fran Rossi
Typography: Daniel Brokstad
Production S&W: Erica Grubman,
Gosbinda Vizarretea, Megan Oldfield
Photography: Sarah Hopp
Phaidon Editor: Sara Bader
Phaidon Production Director: Elaine Ward
Phaidon Production Artist: Joao Mota