Azucena Identity

Dissertation Project
Azucena is an industrial design company. I have imagined this Italian industrial reality in the future. Firstly, I have summarized the needs of Azucena in 4 keywords: Colour/Flexibility/ Emotion/Versatility.

Secondly, I have ideated a specific place (a showroom) where Azucena can express its philosophy, it can sell its products and it can have a closer relation with the client. Coherently with the four keywords mentioned before, I have created a brand identity for this place where every couple of months a new event characterizes the communication of the showroom. The logic behind is: New theme > New event > new communication > new logo > new colours etc..

In the video I explain how the logo works and its general application.

All the following images are about a specific event called "Chairs in Milan" that I have used as an example either of how the communication can change in relation to a new event, either of how I tried to put in practice the 4 keywords.

The pink colour represents the innovation of Azucena - A colour that the company has rarely used in the past - The green colour represents the past of Azucena - A colour that the company has quite used in the past

- Music track by Giraffage - Girl -

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